Dating Bisexual Women – Where to Find Her

By Nenah Drewry

You are attracted to her but are confused. You think that she may feel the same way about you, but she is with another man. Is she bisexual or is she just being friendly? This is a question that plagues many lesbian or bisexual women who are looking to date other bisexual women. Below are some good places to look and find women who could be bisexual and interested.

Your first stop should be an online dating site. Here, you will find women who will indicate their sexual orientation on their profiles and let you know first hand whether or not they are bisexual. This will save you the embarrassment of walking up to a girl in a bar and asking her whether she hooks up with both men and women.

Many women, whether gay, straight or bisexual tend to feel comfortable in the company of gay men as they know that they will not be harassed. A gay bar is therefore another great place to meet bisexual women. If you already have gay friends who frequent that particular bar, you could use their help in pointing out a bisexual woman for a potential date.

Be sure to attend your next LGBT gay rights rally where you are likely to meet bisexual women. This is a great platform for championing gay rights, with the added bonus of meeting a potential love interest. The important thing is to be honest and upfront and ask her if you are in doubt about her sexual orientation.

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Article Source:  Dating Bisexual Women – Where to Find Her