Dating For Bisexuals – Stick With What You Know?

By Nenah Drewry

Woody Allen once famously said that an advantage to bisexuality is that it increases your chances for a date on Saturday night. All humor aside, for some people who are attracted to both genders, dating can pose a challenge and, ultimately, issues in a relationship if there is a lack of communication. While one might find a number of articles geared toward straight and/or gay people who have considered dating bisexuals, what about the bisexuals themselves. Especially if you seek a long-term relationship, should you focus your search on “your own kind” or broaden your horizons?

What do you want in a life partner?

Perhaps the greatest misconception about bisexuality concerns the actual sex part. Many may assume that because a person is bisexual they are not interested in marriage or fidelity or “settling down.” In truth, it is possible to enjoy a lasting relationship with one gender or the other and still identify as bi. Just as the world is filled with straight, gay, or lesbian people who indulge in promiscuous behavior, it seems a bit unfair to label a bi person as such. To keep in tune with Woody Allen’s quip, bisexual folks have the advantage of a larger pool of potential mates.

That said, consider what you want in a date, and consequently a mate. If your attraction to both sexes is so strong that you wish to keep options open yet maintain a relationship, your partner should be willing to accommodate you, and you him/her. Dating somebody who is also bisexual can benefit you in that your partner may relate to your feelings where attraction is concerned. However, it doesn’t mean you should rule out a gay or straight potential date entirely. Communicate with the people you meet as you search and gauge their reactions and willingness to compromise. Know, too, that people change over time. What you or a partner wants now may not be the same thing ten years later.

Head spinning yet? Above all else, relax. Let the dating process happen naturally and never take shame in your bisexual nature.

Nenah Drewry writes about lesbian and bisexual issues, including online lesbian dating  and dating bisexual women .

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