Drug Abuse And Meth Abuse In The Gay And LGBT Community


Drug use and abuse in the LGBT community is a problem on several different levels. The LGBT community is a community that has experienced a lot of pain and a lot of discrimination. Individually many homosexuals have been subjected to a lot of harassment, a lot of bullying, gay bashing, and other negative behavior.

Drug use is a perceived escape from that pain, but it is only temporary, a dead end. Truthfully speaking, crystal meth and sex are related on this issue. Those two combined can become a lethal cocktail. It can destroy the individual but also the individual’s friends and family. Drug use and abuse affects the entire social network.

Why do LGBT members resort to drug use and abuse? There are several reasons, sometimes it can be people just wanting to have some fun and blow off steam. Unfortunately they don’t realize that a little fun can lead to a very bad end. Recently with Amy Winehouse’s death, we are reminded of the early grave that many young and talented people have gone to so unnecessarily. Even though she was not gay or lesbian, this just serves as an example of what drugs can do.

I hate to sound like Nancy Reagan, but “just don’t do it”. It sounds cliche, but that’s the best course of action.

It’s so important to not do drugs at all, especially crystal meth, because it will not take away inner feelings, it will only mask the feelings and temporarily numb the pain. Once the drugs go away, the pain and bad feelings will remain, often coming back with greater severity, which in turn leads to greater drug use.

Be constructive with whatever you do, not destructive. Get some help if you need. Realize that you can’t do this on your own. Being destructive means that you’re going to let this drug use move from casual to regular use, which then becomes abuse. Being constructive means that you seek out professionals that can help you with this before it becomes permanently destructive.

There are support groups for meth, drug, and alcohol addicts. From AA to other various organizations, the help is there. If you feel that you are being drawn to drug use to cope with your life, then please reach out today.

Additionally churches have pastors and clergy who are familiar with these types of things. Talking with a pastor of a church may bring some type of benefit and offer direction towards a path of recovery.

Remember that you’re not alone, and there are people who can help. You’re not the first person who’s dealt with this monster and you won’t be the last.

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