Lesbian Dating – Mistakes to Avoid On Your First Date

By  Nenah Drewry

On your first date, you should avoid giving her too much information. Steer clear of topics relating to your traumatic childhood or your secret latex fetish which are ideal topics for when you have gotten too know each other better.

It is rude to take a call on your cell phone when out on a date. This rule will never change. So be sure to turn your cell off, and do not place it on the table either. Hide it away in your pocket and focus all your attention on her which will show her that you care.

Do not discuss your ex on your first date. It’s fine to mention that you have an ex, as well as the length of your relationship with them. What you don’t want to do is go on and on about how mean and evil she was, or how she keyed your car and poisoned your pet Chihuahua. Abstain from revealing how in love with her you were or how she was your soul mate.

Avoid getting drunk on your first date as this is quite a turn off. Have a couple of drinks but keep your limit in mind. Don’t leave her worrying about how you will get home, or having to hold your hair while you throw up all over her Jimmy Choos. And avoid arranging a first date at your local hang out where all your friends are. Instead, go somewhere intimate where you can talk in private and get to know her better.

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Article Source:  Lesbian Dating – Mistakes to Avoid On Your First Date