Online Lesbian Dating – Is it Better to Register With a Lesbian-Centric Site?

By Nenah Drewry

Following a class action lawsuit, the mega online dating site eHarmony agreed to merge the different branches of its services, which previously had homosexual and heterosexual databases kept separate. While the outside might wonder if this might cause confusion among users of eHarmony, it had been noted in the suit that the subscription services for the gay and lesbian channels differed, allegedly forcing bisexual men and women to pay double for access to information on both sexes. With the site’s policies changed to place all users on an even plane, this news does provoke the question of whether or not a generic dating site is the best place for lesbians to find partners.

Lesbians interested in online dating naturally want to use a website that guarantees a secure and genuine experience. Due to the nature of the Internet, it’s possible anybody to create a false persona online – a gay woman may be disappointed to learn her potential online girlfriend is not what she appears in real life. Women seeking women may find use of a dating site specific to lesbian and bisexual women more to their liking. With a generic site that lumps all sexual preferences in one database, it may prove a challenge to weed through profiles that don’t suit your needs. Registration with a lesbian website gives you exactly what you want: information on single women who wish to meet single gay women.

Advantages to staying with a lesbian-themed site include access to chat rooms and forums where issues pertinent to your lifestyle are discussed. Healthcare, gay marriage, politics and entertainment make for excellent conversation starters, and as you explore the benefits attached to the site of your choice you’ll find it’s not so much a collection of names but a community of women, a place where potential friendships and deep relationships are forged. Sites like eHarmony may provide bells and whistles by virtue of their popularity and revenue, but the lesbian serious about obtaining the happily ever after should go where the women are.

Nenah Drewry writes about lesbian and bisexual issues, including online lesbian dating  and dating bisexual women .

Article Source:  Online Lesbian Dating – Is it Better to Register With a Lesbian-Centric Site?