Should a Lesbian Date a Bisexual Woman?

By Nenah Drewry

When it comes to dating and searching for that one incredible person you want as your lesbian partner, you may find it’s easier for others than yourself. If you get the sense that friends are able to pair off quickly while you continue to hit the bars and other pick-up joints, don’t feel discouraged. If you’re interested in a lesbian relationship built to last, it may take time with another woman to gauge that possibility. What happens, though, if you finally a meet a woman who is smart, funny, and shares your interests…but is also attracted to men?

Bisexuality comes with a number of stigmas attached – so many that it seems it’s more acceptable to be wholly gay instead of attracted to both sexes. While one may joke that a man wouldn’t have a problem dating a bisexual woman if he somehow benefits, a lesbian interested in a bisexual woman may see things differently? Say the woman of your dreams is within reach, but you falter when you hear her true sexual preference? Will knowing this hinder any chance of a lasting partnership?

One thing to know about bisexuality is that it’s not mutually exclusive with promiscuity. In this world there are gays, straight people, and those in between. Just because somebody favors both genders doesn’t mean they consistently sleep around with both with thought for tomorrow. As you meet bisexual women in your quest for a life partner, you may find many are just as willing to settle down with one person for life, as you are. A bi woman is defined by her preference, not necessarily her actions. One who is willing to take vows of fidelity should be trusted to keep to them.

What about you? Do you feel a lasting jealousy of men (and even other women) can cause a rift in your relationship? This is something you need to discuss with any woman you date, lesbian or otherwise. If necessary, you may wish to consult with friends who have lived through a similar experience. The more you learn to trust your partner, the greater your life together will thrive.

Don’t worry if the girl of your dreams is bi. Enjoy her company and your life together.

Nenah Drewry writes about lesbian and bisexual issues, including lesbian online dating and dating bisexual women .

Article Source: Should a Lesbian Date a Bisexual Woman?