The Best Lesbian Date Ideas

By Nenah Drewry

So maybe you’ve scouted some of the best online lesbian classifieds and you clicked with somebody in your area. Awesome! Now you are ready to go on your first official date. Whether you have met up with your new gal pal beforehand – a quick coffee on a lunch break or a group setting with friends – you know the actual intimate date setting is going to be less casual and the perfect opportunity to get to know your new friend…or girlfriend.

So, what do you do? If you’ve been out of the dating game for a while, you may feel pressured to spend big to impress, or else worry about whether to go Dutch, try a fancy place, or cut to the chase and suggest a cozy private soiree. First thing you should do is take a deep breath, then open the lines of communication with your lady to determine the best first night together.

If nerves get the best of you, a movie date could be the ticket, no pun intended. It is an activity that allows you to maintain a closeness with your date, but the pressure to keep conversation is taken over as you direct your attention to the film. Afterward, you can discuss the film over coffee and dessert and segue into more meaningful talk.

For a whimsical evening, try an activity like roller skating or dinner at an adult entertainment complex like Dave and Buster’s. You can determine your compatibility and friendly competitive nature over air hockey or video games. Such places provide an exciting atmosphere that helps break the ice.

If you think your new partner will prefer something quieter, check into special events at local museums or galleries. Many offer free admission, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much to impress. Plus, it saves money for the next date.

Whatever you decide to do for your first lesbian date, have fun and be yourself. Act naturally, and you may not need to worry about checking the lesbian personals again.

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