Top Movies With Lesbian Or Bisexual Themes to Watch

By Nenah Drewry

Seems that it’s easy to joke about the quality of films catering to lesbian and bisexual female audiences. Movie lovers may roll their eyes when you mention interest in renting “Claire of the Moon,” for example, since critics in the know tend to dismiss it as one to watch. While films with gay and lesbian themes are slowly coming into the mainstream (albeit more through independent companies than the big studios), you can still find some gems in your online rental account if you know where to look. Here are a few suggested tales for your next movie night with the girls.

Desert Hearts: Considered a classic in gay cinema, this beautifully filmed story is set in the late 50s in Nevada. A proper college professor comes to established residence long enough to obtain a quickie divorce and becomes attracted to a brash casino worker. Performances are heartfelt and the story is tastefully done, with an ending that, while ambiguous, seems to satisfy.

The Hunger: A good example of an A-list film with bisexual themes, this chilling horror story features one of the hottest love scenes between two women captured on film. Catherine Deneuve is a vampire who literally sucks the life out of others to maintain her youth. When a specialist in aging research (Susan Sarandon) discovers a patient (and one of Deneuve’s victims) rapidly growing old in her waiting room, she is determined to learn the cause. As a result she herself is seduced by Deneuve’s charms. The twist ending makes this a must-see!

It’s in the Water: An indie film with a growing following, this is a small-town comedy-drama focusing on the power of words, and perhaps suggestion. When a local gay man jokes that the town’s water system has turned him homosexual, it sets forth an alarming and sometimes hilarious mass reaction. In the midst of this, a woman comes to terms with her sexual feelings, even researching a number of noted lesbian-themed movies in the process!

So get yourself a bowl of popcorn and turn the lights low. These are just three movies anybody interested in lesbian film will enjoy.

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